The iPhone app for handling your lifestyle needs.

Guilt for our actions and inactions, justified or not, can strike at anytime. Society’s tools for this are limited and haven’t adapted to our fast-paced, interconnected world. Confessor connects you anonymously to someone willing to hear your confessions. Also, you participate by offering forgiveness to others in need.

When you confess using Confessor, the message is sent anonymously to a random Confessor user. The user chooses to send you forgiveness or not.

Confessor is a continuation of my previous Guilt Phone/Mobile Penance project which addressed the subconscious guilt many of people have, originally focusing on xenophobia. Through sharing our secrets and reading/judging another’s, empathy is nurtured.

The limited context no space to explain the decision, Confessor forces you to project yourself on the unknown subject. You read beyond the 140 character message as shame/anger/gluttony/obsession are transferred via the iPhone from someone in need to yourself.

thumbnail of screenshot of confession iPhone app